Product Detail
Swimming bag DFT-806
  • Swimming bag /0.35mm PVC/24*60cm

  • Waterproof Storage Swim Buoy Dry Bag Life-Saving Drift Bag

  • This product uses 0.35MM environmental protection PVC as the main fabric, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and the winter use is still not hard, it is completely suitable for winter swimming.

  • This drifting bag can hold items such as carry-on clothing for swimming, rafting and other sports. Add an independent inflatable balloon at the same time.

  • Can be quickly inflated with the mouth, as a swimming float, when the physical strength is not supported, you can take a break with the buoyancy of the drift bag.

  • This product is combined The function of the common float on the market and the waterproof function of the waterproof bag are integrated, light and easy to carry, which is a good choice for travel.

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