Product Detail
Multi-function alpenstock DFTN1


1. TOUGHER THAN CARBON FIBER - Trekking Poles' strong aluminum can withstand pressure and impact better than carbon fiber - crucial if hiking on rocky terrain or supporting heavier weight.

2. LIGHTER ALUMINUM - Lighter Aluminum trek poles - a huge difference considering you might be lifting the poles thousands of times in a single hike.

3. Soft handle, easy to grip and hold, moisture-wicking, non-slip.

4. Multifunctional, with cutter, flint and screwdriver design.

5. Great for hiking, trekking, mountaineering etc.

Made in   China,

material:aluminium alloy

GW   :0.65kg

size: 106*2.2cm


Scope: Outdoor Adventures Wild Self-defense Hiking Camping Feature:Sharp metal tip,Outdoor tactical knife,Cutting/saw/opener ,Double-head screwdriver,ne word, Phillips head,Serrated fork knife,Serrated fork knife,Soft grip,Top compass

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