Product Detail
Multi-function alpenstock DFTN8

Multi-Function: ThisTrekking pole consists of Lost rope,Built-in knife,Built-in whistle fire stick,Storage bag,Rod head,The knife is linked to the 6th pole.So you can stay away from the danger of getting lost, as well as a double-head screwdriver, flintstone and serrated, which can solve many problems in your journey.

High quality: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, sharp metal with a pointed tip, durable and anti-corrosion. Stable material made, it can be used in high altitude and cold weather, weather resistant, anti-corrosion and free from temperature influence Ideal for outdoor adventures, wild self-defense and hiking camping.

Ergonomic + Comfortable: Hiking pole is designed with an ergonomic TPR grip, reduce hand pain for long walks. The wrist strap is also extremely wide with extra padding to added comfort. An anti shock feature in each poles helps make our hiking poles the most comfortable Poles you will use.

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