Product Detail
Personal Water Filter DFT-c1

  • Food grade plastics,International authority SGS testing, more secure!

  • High precision hydrophilic ultrafiltration membrane

  • The 0.01 micron high-precision hydrophilic ultrafiltration membrane was used for the second bacterial interception and protection, and the second protection rate was 99.999% to ensure the clean water and safer drinking water.

  • Carbon fiber activated carbon filter layer

  • Remove organic chemical pollutants in water and improve the taste of water;Reduce the turbidity of the water again to make it cleaner.

  • Granular coconut shell activated carbon filter layer

  • Get rid of bad taste and toxic substances in the water.

  • MIR high iodine bactericidal resin filtration layer

  • Completely and effectively kill the water escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella typhi, cholera bacteria, legionella bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria, the bacteria rate of 99.9999% or more, prevent ultrafiltration blocking bacteria form aggregation effect and produce toxins into the ultrafiltration membrane filtration pore size to form secondary pollution of water quality!Let you drink more safe, healthy, rest assured!

  • Remove the sediment, sediment, algae, insects, dust and other particle impurities and suspended pollutants in the water, reduce the turbidity of the water, and make the water cleaner.

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