Product Detail
Traditional mosquito net hammocks DFT-HW01A

  • Material : Nylon 210T, commonly known as parachute fabric.

  • Configuration: Main hammock + conjoined storage bag of the same color + two no.7 white steel buttons +2 flat strips of 2m +2 mosquito nets of 4m

  • Craft and others: Three-wire chain joint, tree belt and hammock together in the storage bag hammock

  • [Intimate storage bag design]: storage bag skill storage hammock, storage, user-friendly design, convenient and comfortable to use

  • [small and light]: This is a hammock into the small attached sack, put it in your pack and off you go. When the hammock into the small attached sack, put it in your pack and off you go. You've found the best camp spot, setup is a breeze with the included steel carabiners, rope and tree friendly straps.

  • [Features]: Anti-wear, tear-proof, soft, comfortable, safe, and resistant to dirt. Whether it is at home, on the balcony, yard, in the wild, it is convenient to carry. It can be folded, convenient to store, more convenient to carry, comfortable and generous, and the weight is 80---220 kg, and the ultimate load is 300 kg! More than 120 kg recommended reinforcement rope

  • [Outer packaging bag, convenient storage]: The outer packaging bag and the hammock are of the same color and are connected to the edge of the hammock. When not in use, the whole hammock is directly packed into the packaging bag for convenient carrying, and the zipper adopts double pull head in the hammock. Both inside and outside can be used

  • [Anti-mosquito design]: Break the traditional hammock design, place mosquito nets on the hammock, camp outdoor in spring and summer, safe anti-mosquito

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