【USE experience video】Personal Water Filter,Mini Portable Water Purifier

l Personal Water Filter,Mini Portable Water Purifier,Outdoor Survival kit Emergency Camping Equipment for Outdoor Camping Life, Hiking, Climbing, Backpacking.

l Portable Water Filter is a safe outdoor water purifier, can immediately river, rain, lake water and other natural water purification into direct drinking water.

l Outdoor Personal water filter removing 99.9999% bacterial, cysts, particulates, sediments.

l Built with 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane and can absolutely provide up to 2000 liters of drinking water.

l It can connect the standard diameter water bag and water bottles, it is more convenient to use.

l Lightweight, convenient, and safest way to stay hydrated when camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking, biking, international travel.

Product description

High-precision hydroplilic ultrafiltration membrane

0.01 microns high-precision hydphilic ultration membranne for the second intercept bateria,the second protective rate was 99.9999% in order to make sure the water is clean,water sater.

Carbon fiber activated carbon filter layer

Remove the organic chemical pollutants in the water,improve the taste of water,reduce the turbidity of water again,make water became more clean.

Granular coconut shell activated carbon filter layer

Remove the water bad taste and poisonous and harmful substances.

MIR high iodine bactericidal resin filter layer

Thorughly effective killing eschenichia coli in the water, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella typhi, cholera bacteria, legionella bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria, the sterilization rate of more than 99.9999%, stop the bacteria that it was intercepted by the ultrafiltration membrane, avoid the bacteria produce toxins into the ultrafiltration membrane filter aperture formed the secondary pollution of water quality, make you more safe drinking water, health , rest assured.

Pre-filtration system

Remove the sediment, algae, insects,dust and other particles of impurities and suspended pollutant in the water, reduce the turbidity of water, make water cleaner.

Multifunctional universal thread connector

It can connect the standard diameter water bottles, etc, it is more convenient to use.


1. The first sucked the water should be spitted out.

2. Avoid use in salt water.

3. Do not put it in water that is above 50 ℃.

4. Please use clean water as much as possible because the pipe can be easily blocked by dirty water.

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